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Godaddy Economy Plan Hosting Gone Up to USD4.99

Date Monday, 27 October 2008  Posted in Category Domain Name & Web Hosting  Tags , , , , , ,   Comment No Comments » My favourite domain registrar and web hosting provider has raised their Economy Plan hosting fee from USD3.99/month to USD4.99/month effective October 2008. This rise made me consider whether should I look for alternative web hosting providers to sustain my business revenue. has adjusted their Economy Plan hosting fee in yearly basis for the past 3 years, the fee changed from 2006 to 2008 as USD3.19/month, USD3.99/month and USD4.99/month. It has raised at least 55% compare the fee of 2006, eventually it creased my cost on the web hosting. I have many web hosting accounts with, here “I” means my business clients. Our website hosted on servers for years and so far we are satisfy with its service.

With this raised, I conducted a change impact and conditions & cost study, summarised that there will be a hassle changed if we switch the web hosting provider. The changed will affect many operations processes and new environment might not able to deliver the same result, to ensure my client’s website operations and best results, I have decided to stay with

By the way, a web hosting fee adjustment to my clients might need to be conducted, but not in this year.

Domain Name and Web Hosting – Malaysia or United States?

Date Monday, 27 October 2008  Posted in Category Domain Name & Web Hosting  Tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   Comment No Comments »

My field is web related. A few of my clients with IT knowledge asked me a similar question- Which country do you recommend to host my website? Malaysia or US?

“It depends on your target audience and market- local or international and; what features/plan that you want to have in your web hosting package. There are advantages and disadvantages for website hosted in either Malaysia or US. This is why I am here to assist you to understand your need, and to provide a right solution…” this is my formal biz conversation.

Many people think that US web service is more expensive than Malaysia. In actual fact, not really.

US market is very competitive, thousands of web hosting service providers offer the best-deal-in-town packages with low prices to attract potential customers, this is how we consumer get benefits from their “price war”. But choosing the right and reliable web hosting provider needed some experience in this web industry.

Domain Name (Website name ie.

When I first step into this field 11 years ago, I bought my first domain name from NetSol ( at the cost of USD35. It was costly for me to buy a domain name at the cost of USD35/RM133 when I just earning a peanut. (NetSol was the only appointed registrar by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that could process domain name registrations for .com, .net, and .org before 1999. During Malaysia economy crisis in 1997, Malaysian Ringgit is fixed at the static exchange rate by USD1.00 = RM3.80)

There are more than thousands of website offering domain name registration nowadays, the domain name registration fee is much cheaper compre to last time.

There’s something Malaysia Web Hosting providers/domain registrar still can’t beat- the price war in US. For an example, a domain name registration package, it come with more features and cost only USD9/RM28.80 (exchange rate by USD1.00 = RM3.20). Honestly, I still haven’t find any local providers can offer this price, I even compared the local dealer/reseller price.

Another reason I would prefer to buy the domain names from US is because they can provide better domain name features like free private registration, free parked page, free POP3 email, domain locking, free blog, free hosting (with banner ad), website forwarding / masking and etc. This is a good plan for website starter, which they just need an email contact and a few pages of website.

With the above attractive features, why not? Of cause, regardless it is a reliable company.

If you are interested to view the list of ICANN accredited domain name registrar, below is the URL:

For .my country-code top level domain (ccTLD), the Malaysia Network Information Center (MYNIC) domain name registrar list is available here:

Web Hosting (Where you host your website content)

With my experience, I usually recommended local hosting (hosted in Malaysia) for my SME or small entity client. Beside the website response time (speed) faster, the hosting plan/feature offer by local web hosting service providers are sufficient enough to meet my client’s need.

Budget does not come to primary in this decision, the website response time, provider service, data centre infrastructure and server performance is my main concern. Malaysia web hosting providers can now provide the standard requirement for a normal website need at the reasonable price, hence there’s no reason why should I seek for oversee solution, unless special requirement which local provider can’t deliver such as bound by Law restriction or demand higher bandwidth allocation.

And most of my client’s website also target the local market, the e-commerce website’s payment method is another concern. Hosted the website with local provider with payment gateway enabled is an advantage, at least they can process Ringgit Malaysia transaction and easy on billing issue. You may not know, out of 50 in 100 credit card online transactions have problems. 50% could be fraud cases, authorisation failure, process issue, connection issue, insufficient credit card information for verification, credit card blocked by the issuing bank for some reasons and etc. So, it may need to walk-in the payment gateway solution provider office for further discussion or need to call for clarification on case-by-case basis. Don’t you hope their office is just next to yours?

Another reason, some of the reliable and low-risk payment gateway solution providers from over sea do not accept RM payment/ Malaysia merchant account or charge a higher transaction commission.

If you are looking for payment gateway to process your website’s e-commerce transaction with Malsyian Ringgit, there’s few I would recommend:

International: (problem to withdraw money from local bank, unless you have US bank account such as etrade)

Malaysia: (transfer money from own account to third party account)

Well, the worry for Malaysia web hosting is the unreliable country backbone infrastructure, but it is ISP (Internet Service Provider) issues.

It can be easy to setup a website, regardless you have domain name, web hosting knowledge and experience and programming skill. Otherwise, I will suggest you engage a web specialist to do it for you. As I always told my clients- don’t worried, please leave the task to us, we will let you concentrate on your biz!

I welcome your comment if you have a different point of view.

Virus Attacked

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My personal computer was infected by a Trojan “PWS-Gamania.gen.a” in the past 2 days. To kill this “password stealer” worm, I spent more than 12 hours sitting in-front of my computer and tried out almost all the solutions that found on the Internet, but none of it can actually help me to solved the problem.

I actually have McAfee anti-virus software installed on my computer but it has expired for at least 8 months. I didn’t renew the subscription and the viruses update has been deactivated since then. Now I have no choice to renew the subscription with USD35 and download the latest viruses update. And so glad that it finally found the worm and killed it.

Here I learn a lesson- don’t save the money for needed safety or security!

It is worth to spend this money to buy protection for my computer and also can avoid unnecessary trouble (my computer is my main working tool, I can’t afford to lost my all data). Beside that, I also paid additional USD10 for another copy of McAfee and installed it onto my wife’s computer.

Herewith the list of best anti-virus software in the market:

Symantec Norton AntiVirus
McAfee Antivirus
Trend Micro Pc-Cillin
Kaspersky Anti-virus
ESET NOD32 Antivirus

These above are license software, for FREE anti-virus software:

Avast! antivirus Home Edition
AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition
Avira AntiVir Personal
BitDefender Free Edition
Comodo AntiVirus
PC Tools AntiVirus Free Edition

If you want to conduct computer online virus scan, below are the available tools (and of cause it is FREE):

Kaspersky Online Virus Scanner
BitDefender Online Scanner
Trend Micro HouseCall
CA Virus Scanner

Well, I personal prefered not to use the online virus scan, it takes me hours to complete the task of full scanning. Oops, this is because I have more than 150GB of files in my computer.

For a complete list of antivirus software, you can check out the wikipedia:

For antivirus software comparison, you can visit this web page:

To know more about “PWS-Gamania.gen.a” trojan, you can visit McAfee web pages:

I hope the above information does help if you face the same issue as me. However, the best way to protect your computer is to keep your computer system clean and becareful when you copy/download/access from/to any other computer/removable device/Internet, especially virus email. And always remember, things could happend anytime, please do backup.

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