Godaddy Economy Plan Hosting Gone Up to USD4.99

Date Monday, 27 October 2008  Posted in Category Domain Name & Web Hosting  Tags , , , , , ,   Comment No Comments » My favourite domain registrar and web hosting provider has raised their Economy Plan hosting fee from USD3.99/month to USD4.99/month effective October 2008. This rise made me consider whether should I look for alternative web hosting providers to sustain my business revenue. has adjusted their Economy Plan hosting fee in yearly basis for the past 3 years, the fee changed from 2006 to 2008 as USD3.19/month, USD3.99/month and USD4.99/month. It has raised at least 55% compare the fee of 2006, eventually it creased my cost on the web hosting. I have many web hosting accounts with, here “I” means my business clients. Our website hosted on servers for years and so far we are satisfy with its service.

With this raised, I conducted a change impact and conditions & cost study, summarised that there will be a hassle changed if we switch the web hosting provider. The changed will affect many operations processes and new environment might not able to deliver the same result, to ensure my client’s website operations and best results, I have decided to stay with

By the way, a web hosting fee adjustment to my clients might need to be conducted, but not in this year.

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