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Google Chrome: a new web browser for Windows

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Have you try out Google’s web browser- Google Chrome? It is now the world’s fourth most widely used browser, with 1.23% usage. (1: Internet Explorer 66.82%, 2: Firefox 22.05%, 3: Safari 8.23%)

Google Chrome's logo look like an UFO space ship...

Google Chrome's logo look like an UFO space ship...

And I believe Google Chrome usage will grow and become either second or third widely used browser in another 2 more years.

Mozilla Firefox is actually my preferred web browser, simply it is faster and easier than Internet Explorer. Until last week, I installed Google Chrome and found it even simpler and faster than Internet Explorer and Firefox! I like its KISS (Keep it Short and Simple) layout, minimal design and clear/straightforward options, make me feel more comfortable to browse and view the web.

The advantages of Google Chrome:

1. Startup and load web faster compare to IE & Firefox.
2. Search from the address bar – As you know Google is the largest search engine, with Google Chrome, you can just type your query on the URL address bar and it will forward you to the Google searched results page.
3. New page/tab shows your Most Visited sites – You can access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab.
4. One Internet settings for two Web Browsers – Google Chrome’s using Internet Explorer’s Internet settings such as Proxy server and port.
5. Simple Options page – Clear and straightforward settings/options.
6. Open new tab next to the current tab – You don’t need to scroll to the end tab and view what you have open in the new tab.

Google Chrome is designed for simple users, there are 2 things I think it should be improved for advance users as well:

1. There’s no option for us to disable loading web page images and Java Script. (However there’s other work around*)
2. There’s no scrolling button for numerous tabs. You can open few hundreds of tabs in Firefox and Internet Explorer, and scrolling the tabs from first to last. But Google Chrome does not have this feature.

Tabs scrolling arrow button is not available in Google Chrome

Tabs scrolling arrow button is not available in Google Chrome

*Here is solution for disable images in Google Chrome:
1. Duplicate the Google Chrome desktop shortcut and name it whatever you like. i.e. Google Chrome – No Images
2. Add ” -disable-images” (without quote) into the properties shortcut Target. i.e. “C:\Documents and Settings\Kenny\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe” -disable-images
3. Click Apply/Save button
4. Open the duplicated Google Chrome and now you can browse the web with no images.

Google Chrome Homepage and download site: Give it a try, you may like it. πŸ™‚

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