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Just registered and domain names yesterday.

I don’t have any plan on these 2 domain names yet but just to secured it for future investment or personal interest purpose. If you have any suggestions, please share your idea with me. 🙂

How much does it cost?

Discounted price USD16.00 for 2 domain names, each with one year registration.

Where did I buy it?

My favourite domain name registrar-

Why Cra”2″y?

Ok, the idea came from an advertisement in the newspapers today, it was Nissan’s marketing campaign “I am Nissan Cra2y”. I went online to check out the keyword search results in Google and domain name availability in whois database, surprisingly found more than 100,000 results for keyword ‘cra2y’ on the Internet and the domain name appears to be available.

This is where I got the idea for 'cra2y'.

This is where I got the idea for 'cra2y'.

Investment opportunity

I have registered more than 50 domain names since 1999 and a few of it have been sold, the best price was sold a domain name at USD3,000 to a UK company in 2003. I am an Internet Business opportunity seeker, I am interested in anything that can make money over the Internet regardless it is legal and not ‘ con-man’ business.

Btw, I have bad experience in domain name business too. I used to be the registrant of ‘’ and received enquiries to let, one day I received an email from the legal department @ BMW Corporation in Germany, to claim for domain name ‘’ ownership. Because ‘BMW’ is global registered term and a trademark belongs to BMW corporation, I have no choice but let go the domain name to them. However, the compensation was USD300 if I am not mistaken.

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