Latest MAXIS Wirelss Broadband Package Disadvantages

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I thought MAXIS would improve their wireless broadband package to be more attractive like reduce its pricing or improve speed of service. Unfortunately, it goes the opposite direction…

Latest MAXIS wireless broadband package (offer valid from 1 Sep to 15 Nov 2009)

Latest MAXIS wireless broadband package (offer valid from 1 Sep to 15 Nov 2009)

With the latest MAXIS Wireless Broadband package, these are several disadvantages:

  1. The wireless broadband modem is not belong to you. You are required to return the device in good working condition to MAXIS if discontinue their wireless broadband service. A replacement cost of up to RM900 (depending on modem type) will be chargeable should you lose the modem or return the modem in a damaged condition. A device replacement cost of up to RM900?!! I can get it in IT shopping mall at RM399!
  2. No more minimum contract period but still a penalty fee of RM200 will apply. RM300 (RM100 activation fee + RM200 penalty fee) will be gone if you discontinue the MAXIS Wireless Broadband Service within twelve (12) months from the date of registration. This amount is equal to a total of 3 months subscription fee if you subscribe to the RM108 Volume quota 3 GB wireless broadband package.
  3. Heavy up-front commitment. A deposit of RM300 + An activation fee of RM100.
  4. Bandwidth Volume Quota Per Month apply. Throttle/bandwidth usage control is the most “backward” thing in Malaysia Telco industry while other country like China already started to implement Internet usage with no throttle to encourage Internet activities. If you are a heavy bandwidth user, so this package (even the highest volume quota package 12GB) is definitely not for you. MAXIS and other Telco setup this “usage quota” rules to ensure bandwidth pipeline will not congested by P2P download as this is most bandwidth usage nowadays.
  5. Bandwidth speed will be very slow if you exceed the stipulated data volume quota. My friend subscribed to the earlier MAXIS wireless broadband plan and always burst the quota, the average speed is 20kbps after exceeded the quota.
  6. This package promotion is only applicable from Month 1 to Month 12. Upon Month 12 (one year completion), your plan will be automatically change back to non-promotion price or you can say bye bye to MAXIS wireless broadband service without any penalty fee. Make sure you mark the contract due date on your calendar.

Torrent download, Rapidshare, Megaupload and P2P users attention
Some ISPs already secretly implemented the filtering system (beside throttle) to control bandwidth download speed from these website and they may block any website without any reason. Don’t you believe? Checkout this post: Malaysia ISPs Banned

Personal Opinion
I am not MAXIS but CELCOM wireless broadband subscriber since July 2007. I would not say CELCOM is the best but at least better than MAXIS from my point of view, you can read my article here: My choice of wireless broadband – CELCOM. By the way, my friend is currently subscribe to P1 WiMAX (W1MAX) wireless broadband USB device and has very good comment on it, you can do some research before commit to any services.

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  1. Mr Ong says:

    The MAXIS Wireless broadband is bad and the connection is weak , it was just wasting our time….
    My friend used it and leave very bad comment for it , many of the broadband users leave bad comment on it….
    I wish the company should take it seriously !!!

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