Malaysia ISPs Banned

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If you click on a link lead to web page under and see blank page, it is not server down or webpage error but the Malaysia ISPs have blocked this website.

However, you can still view it by using other DNS instead of Malaysia ISPs:

Yahoo! Babel Fish

1. Yahoo! Babel Fish ( – It is a free service

Copy and paste the urlcash’s URL (i.e. into ‘Translate a web page’ text box, then select any language to English and click on ‘Translate’ button. The advantage of using this service is user don’t need to configure or change any settings on the computer, simple and easy solution for one-time off usage.


2. OpenDNS ( – It is also a free service

Follow the instruction at this page It will takes about 5 mins to complete the setup/configuration process, however user needs to create a free OpenDNS account in order to use its service. OpenDNS is a well-known free DNS service for public, beside it’s free, one of the good alternative solution for user who needs to browse web pages @ often.

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2 Responses to “Malaysia ISPs Banned”

  1. Yap says:

    Thanks for telling me about it. I have been looking for the solution long time ago. Why stupid ISP block it ??
    I hope malaysia ISP especially like Streamyx better use their time to think how to upgrade their service rather than blocking website without any reasons !!!!

  2. Kenny says:

    You are welcome. is just one of many websites that blocked by local ISPs, there are websites especially hosted in Netherlands/Amsterdam (domain name end with ‘.nl’) have been blocked too, just we don’t know. πŸ™‚

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