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We have been using web tools developed by American for years. Well, is American the best developer in the World for web tools such as forum, blog, shopping cart, CMS, content editor?

I would said yes in 15 years ago and they are still good in technology and product quality nowadays, we can’t deny the true that any imported products stamped with ‘Made in US’ are more expensive than others.

Today, I would like to introduce 2 ‘Made In China’ web tools:

Bulletin Board System (BBS)/Internet Forum: Discuz! by Comsenz (http://www.comsenz.com/products/discuz)


Discuz! is the most use BBS product in Internet, this is not my personal justification but rated by Internet users. Most Chinese forum are powered by this web application, good features and it’s free. Compare to vBulletin, Invision Power Board and PhpBB, Discuz! has more creative layout and better flexibility.

Imagine the different of style and culture between Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, China) and US comics.

Shopping Cart/ e-Shopping Mall: ECShop (http://www.ecshop.com) and ECMall (http://ecmall.shopex.cn) by ShopEx

ECShopECMallUCenter 用户中心

EC: E-Commerce. ECShop is a web tool to build an e-commerce website, a solution for online shop. It is similar like Zen Cart, OScommerce and MagentoCommerce. I have 2 websites powered by Zen Cart and OScommerce, they are not as interactive as one of my website powered by ECShop (comments from website visitors).

ECMall is a web tool to build a virtual shopping mall which allow merchants and buyers participation. Merchants can setup their shop and promote their products; buyers can give their comment and feedback on the products or rate the merchants. The powerful of ECMall is website owner can integrate the virtual shopping mall with Comsenz’s Discuz! and UCenter (tool for all Comsenz’s products integration, U – you/user). Assuming you have a website feature eBay + forum + blog + flickr.

Bottom line

Using these 2 web tools is nothing more than easy, regardless you can read Simplified Chinese. Try it out, you will know how powerful is it.

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3 Responses to “Powerful Web Tools Made in China”

  1. porcopops says:

    Hi, Is the ECShop available in English? I cannot read Chinese.

  2. Kenny says:

    Unfortunately, ECShop does not have any official English version yet.

    Some developers able to changed the store-front messages and images into English, however the ECShop admin panel still running in Chinese language.

    You may read this post for English version shopping cart:
    Free and Useful Web Applications – e-Commerce Solutions/Online Shopping Cart

    And checkout these good features shopping cart software if you have time:
    – Zeus Cart (http://www.ajsquare.com/products/ecom/index.php)
    – Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software (http://www.ecommerceshoppingcartsoftware.org/)

  3. porcopops says:

    Hi Kenny, thanks very much for your prompt reply! Greatly appreciated. 🙂

    I’ll definitely look into the options you proposed – thank you for sharing!

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