RHB Bank Chairman Administrates “rhbbank.com”?

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Is it because RHB Bank lack of manpower so chairman needs to do the domain name administration job? Or chairman does not want to handover domain name authority to the head of IT?

One thing I found RHB Bank’s funny that their domain name “rhbbank.com” is actually administrates by the company chairman. Below is the “rhbbank.com” contact details in Domain Name Whois database:

You can check out the domain name "rhbbank.com" information at http://www.who.is/whois/rhbbank.com/.

You can check out the domain name "rhbbank.com" information at http://www.who.is/whois/rhbbank.com/

As you can see the Administrative, Technical Contact for the domain name is chairman@rhbbank.com.my. If I am not misunderstood the terms of chairman, it should be the top management and chairing the board meeting. The domain name contact for a bank is usually an IT head or head of risk & compliance. Well, I guess the chairman of RHB- Dato’ Mohamed Khadar Merican, he might be very serious about the domain name hence he wants to personally manage it.

There’s another thought in my mind, RHB Bank management using ‘chairman’ to avoid changing person-in-charge name for the domain name

If RHB Bank has very high turnover rate including chief officers level such as CIO, and the domain name person-in-charge changed very often from one to another one. Then they should use the standard name for it instead of ‘chairman’.

Those standard names like:
– admin
– administrator
– domainreg
– domainadmin
– domain
– domainpic

However, not only RHB bank, many other local banks using personal name (i.e. lee.ah.beng@examplebank.com) as domain name administrative contact, it is actually not recommended. Management should indicate a proper name for it, an email like domainreg@examplebank.com with mailbox contains only domain name registry messages and changes history.

This concept is not new. In order to keep good image for customers, many companies using nick name as the contact person name like Tiffany, Diana, Louis but definitely not Chairman.

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