Unstable Shinjiru’s E-Mail Service Changed My Mind for Web Hosting Recommendation

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Outlook Send/Receive Progress Error Message

Outlook Send/Receive Progress Error Message

One of my personal website hosted on Shinjiru server recently has send / receive email problem (connected via TMnet-Streamyx / Celcom-Wireless Broadband).

Understand that Shinjiru provides cheap hosting package (Linux Shared Hosting – Personal Package @ RM90/year) but with its often email problem, I have changed my recommendation on local web hosting service provider from Shinjiru to Exabytes.

The blog (kenny.my) you are viewing now is currently hosted on Exabytes server, I personally satisfied with their services and so far have no complaints from my clients (yet). Although Exabyates’ EBiz Plus Web Hosting plan (RM269.00/year) is not consider cheap compare to others in Malaysia, but I would rather to pay extra to ensure website / email’s stability. For business, an unreliable email service may caused communication inconvenience, I do not recommend my clients to take this risk.

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5 Responses to “Unstable Shinjiru’s E-Mail Service Changed My Mind for Web Hosting Recommendation”

  1. smithveg says:

    I’ve been many years in Internet hosting. Through the company smartteam, exabyte, esurge, ipserverone, netonboard, shinjuri. Let me give a one line statement each company.

    smart team: has not transafer to another company name ‘mica’ their sales person, derek is good.
    provide the phone call and email support. effective support in day time.

    sales person, kevin is good. their email support cover until midnight. it’s difficult to contact team with the support through the phone. might need to improve.

    the service is good at first. (maybe) yes at last. why the word (maybe) appear in my statement? one reason. my customer site down for 2 weeks and no support. support ticket sent, but failed. try to make a call? no body answer. try to access their website at that moment ‘PAGE NOT FOUND’. that’s a fantastic image!

    not bad, the sales or support person mr. lee is good. most important they help me recover the problem in night.

    the support call always pass me from one department to another. very confusing.

    their support person or boss? are pretty action. 🙂 need to prepare an axe your start a discussion.

  2. Ng says:

    smart team: has not transafer to another company name ‘mica’ their sales person, derek is good.
    provide the phone call and email support. effective support in day time. ??

    I am in a big doubt that Derek provides a good support. In fact, whenever their server is not working properly, nobody will pick up the phone

  3. ladycooper says:


    Thank you for your comment.

    We always welcome any feedback about Exabytes services to feedback@exabytes.com.
    We need all the feedback & suggestion from every one of you to help us improve more in the future to serve you better.

  4. tS says:

    I find it rather unfair to compare a RM90 plan from Shinjiru to a RM269 plan in Exabytes. You can expect the RM90 plan be hosted in a server with many many many many other RM90 account users.

    Another thing is, shared server plans all share the same problem –> shared resources. If you happen to be unlucky and the website of a co-user of the server is getting heavy traffic, it can affect other account’s server usage, including email sending.

    If isolation of resources is really important, get a VPS instead.

  5. Zhu Jun says:

    Shijniru is the biggest competitor of Exabyte. I am hosting my site with Shinjiru and honestly I cannot say that their service is 100%. But nobody including exabyte is performing out this way. Shinjiru support team works hard in spite of their communication hurdles. After my continued interaction with them, it becomes quite evident that they are really concerned about customer satisfaction. The biggest plus point they have against all other hosting is their hosting at extremely low rates. I would suggest viewers to search in the market before availing the services of any provider, but Shinjiru is a good option. So not to over look that.

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