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Is It Illegal Using the Credit Card for Online Gambling?

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Is It Illegal Using the Credit Card for Online Gambling?

One of my friend asked me the above question and if my answer to him is ‘yes’, then he would like to know what’s the best way to avoid going against the law.

First, to answer his question- is it illegal using the credit card for online gambling?

For Malaysian, the answer is yes- it is illegal. You can refer to your credit card issuing bank’s terms and conditions. There’s a statement in T&C section mentioned like this:
Any card issued to me / us shall not be used by me / us for any unlawful activity or purpose (including without limitation online gambling), whether in whole or part.

Solution to avoid going against the law

I have asked him for the gamble website address to further study and research in order to provide him the right answer and found that there’s a way gambler can ‘deposit’ money into the gamble account from the credit card without going against the banking T&C. The gamble website normally accept third parties e-money/e-wallet such as Click2Pay and We called these third parties ‘payment gateway service providers’, what a gambler can do is to deposit the fund into the gambling website via these third parties. Of course, there will be a percentage of transaction fee charges that needs to be paid from 3% to 5%.

Problem withdrawing the money that you won

Credit card does not accept fund deposit. Alternatively, the gambler can withdraw the money through a few way:
– Cheque
– Transfer to your bank (bank, account, name and etc are required to be provided)
– WesternUnion

Well, with the convenience of Western Union, the advantage is that people can withdraw the money earned from the Internet (such as trading and blog ads); the disadvantage is that an easy way for money laundering.

Bottom line

Gambling is not good for life, getting addicted to this game can cause a lot of bad effects. With the convinience of Internet, people can sit right in front the computer losing thousand of dollars.

Why Should An Online Merchant Accept PayPal Payment?

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I have worked on various e-commerce projects that accepts online payment. However, most of the medium-to-large size organization in Malaysia do not incorporate PayPal into their payment method options. Majority of them is because their finance unit is restricted with payment policies, legal and audit issues. This is beyond the website strategies and lies on the business operations.

I do use PayPal for online payment, and would prefer that online merchants has this option

I call PayPal as e-wallet. It allows me to withdraw (purchasing) and deposit (through selling) money. I usually do not withdraw funds from PayPal as I prefer to use it to buy something online instead of using my credit card, as some small online stores only accept PayPal, WorldPay or Moneybookers; another reason which I feel uncomfortable or insecure in using my credit card when purchasing from small website, even though it is VeriSign secured.

I believe in Internet transaction security and understand the payment system process flow, but what we don’t know is whether they (merchants) capture our sensitive data or not. This is the most worrying part of Internet transaction- privacy. Their system may be very good and secure, but are their staff trustable and reliable?

I trust the online payment system security but not the people

I used to work in an organization 11 years ago where they do not process online transactions in real-time, their secured web pages (https- SSL) captures customers data into a database and forward the request to respective personnel to process the purchase with a merchant machine. This is not the right way in processing online transactions and customers data should not be viewed by any parties. Think about the consequences, what if the respective personnel discloses customers data?

I used to work in an international bank, practices very good security where staffs are not allowed to print, email, copy and even carry handphones or any computer devices during work, customers data is only accessible by higher level staff. Furthermore, the computer is well secured with customized OS, website access limitation and all external ports are disabled. Unless you’re an expert, or else stealing data from bank is not easy, this is how the bank build its trust and reputation.

What consumers want and how can you solve their problem?

As an online consumer, I want a secured, trustable payment service and options.

Accept-PayPal-PaymentAs a merchant, I would want to provide as many payment method as possible. This will be my website’s value, which is solving the people’s problem- allow PayPal users to utilize their e-wallet money to spend on something that they don’t need to use credit card.

Bottom line

The growth of the online consumers and PayPal users are rapidly increasing by the days. According to the survey conducted by third party, there are more than 15% of online consumers in Malaysia using PayPal for online payment. If you want a bigger piece of cake then please consider the 15% of online consumers’ preference on the online payment options.

PayPal Malaysia Launch Party

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PayPal Malaysian launch party on Friday, December 11th, 2009 from 7pm until late. Location at Neo restaurant (opposite equitorial hotel, KL).

This party is by invitation only. Closing date on December 8th and seat is limited.

(1) You are PayPal User (PayPal account email address is required for verification) or
(2) You are the guest that invited by PayPal User.

If you are PayPal User, please send an email to include your full name, PayPal email addresss, eBay ID (if applicable), country of residence, total number of guest (max 2 – you + one guest) for registration.

Below is the invitation… see you there.


PayPal Malaysia Launch Party Invitation