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Recently, I read an article about the 10 luxury items man must have. I found it quite true and worthwhile to share.
In brief: To be a distinctive man, it’s a must to develop the right quality and personality. These are intangible assets reflect a person’s unique attractiveness, similar meaning to inner beauty.


  1. 坚毅(Perseverance)
  2. 沉稳(Steady / Calm)
  3. 宽容(Tolerant)
  4. 内涵(Connotation / Self-possessed)
  5. 赤诚(Utterly Sincere)
  6. 责任感(Responsibility)
  7. 有原则(Principle)
  8. 有分寸(Finesse)
  9. 良知(Intuitive Knowledge)
  10. 诚信(Integrity)


Why Netherlands’ Web Hosting?

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If you have experience or have some knowledge in web hosting industry, you might heard about hosting the website or web server in Europe.

Some companies hosted their dedicated server in Europe, mostly in Netherlands- a founding member of the European Union. Netherlands is known as a very tolerant country, laws that might restrict affect your website in other countries may not apply if your site is hosted from the Netherlands, because Netherlands has liberal Internet laws and privacy policies.

In addition, the Netherlands’ capital- Amsterdam is a city with multiple web hosting companies, as well as a secure electricity supply and good Internet connectivity. Good deal of web hosting packages are available because of competitive market.

You might wonder who would wants to host the website in Netherlands, website in these categories will do:
– Gambling (online casino)
– Adult content (Pornography)
– Illegal activities (in other countries) such as foot ball betting
– Software (cracked software, hacker website)
– Web hosting (storage, web space)
– Forum/Community (government’s opposition or website banned by the government)

The state above is based on my personal experience and research, not all website hosted in Netherlands are fall in those categories. To know a website is whether hosted in Netherlands, we can check the Host Name Whois database or lookup the IP address.

Do you know some web hosting companies have expended its web hosting facilities to the Netherlands? Because there’s a market demand such as adult content hosting. Although Malaysia laws restricted Web hosting companies within the country offers adult content hosting service, but in the new era of globalisation, Malaysians are still able to host ‘anything’ outside the country. Those can supply the demand, will have the opportunities to share the rest of the cake.

P/S: If you are looking for web hosting companies/providers from the Netherlands, there is a popular hosting forum in Netherlands – Most of the Dutch web hosts are there. You can also search in on keywords that would bring the result you need.

My First Message

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Dear Mr and Ms Reading,

I am pleased to introduce the new blog on my website-
I hope you will enjoy this blog and please feel free to post with your comments.