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Email Marketing Software: ActiveCampaign 1.2.All

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If you have very limit budget for email marketing, you may consider one-time off software instead of subscription based service.

The email marketing solutions I mentioned in the previous post ‘Effective Email Marketing‘ are subscription based services. The pros and conds as below:

– Outsource to expert
– Facility (server, database) is not required. All sources (image, file and etc) store on service provider’s server
– No software license or upgrade fee
– No need DIY setup and maintenance free
– The chances that ISPs flagged your email newsletters as spam are lower

– Its fee based on volume of contact (email addresses). The more contact you have, the higher fee you need to pay.
– Commitment. Whether you blast email or not, you still need to pay the subscription fee.
– Limited email blast. The email blast usage based on ‘monthly quota’, average 4 times a month or once a week.

To some users, especially those have high volume of contact but least marketing budget. Paying the subscription is a heavy commitment, so an one-time off Email Marketing Software is an alternative solution.

ActiveCampaign 1.2.All Email Marketing Software

ActiveCampaign 1.2.AllFor personal or SME use, I will recommend ActiveCampaign 1.2.All email marketing software ( It is a shareware (commercial software), the one-time off license fee is USD229 for Lite version. Basically it can provides the same features as Email Marketing Service such as open rate, click-through rate, bounces statistic, invalid addresses tracking and etc. Moreover, system administrator has full control over the whole Email Marketing system application and able to keep the contact list in own database instead of service provider’s database. Most important, user don’t need commit to any subscription plan.

This is a cost effective email marketing solution to SME or starter, I have recommended it to a few clients that just started website and with hundreds contact profile. I would not say this is the best email marketing software in the market but it can deliver basic need in more cost effective way in long term. Btw, to setup ActiveCampaign 1.2.All you need to have some knowledge on website administration and a website that hosted on Linux platform.

For more on ActiveCampaign 1.2.All email marketing software, you can visit their website at

Case Study. Who is currently using this software for email marketing?

Exabytes. I found ActiveCampaign 1.2.All email marketing software two years ago through studied Exabytes newsletters. I seem Exabytes conducted a successful Email Marketing and ‘workable’ email delivery solutions for Malaysia market, the proven result is best convincing example and considerable for me.