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Think Twice About Using Free Email Account Service for Your Company

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A professional company without professional email?

One of the most common mistakes in business is using a free email service such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL or an email address such as from Internet Service Provider (ISP) instead of a business-specific domain name such as A company using free email account can send the wrong signal or negative impression to potential customers simply because the email address looks unprofessional and suspicious.

From customer perspective, they will instantly question your stability and reliability with questions such as:
– Have this company been in business very long?
– Is this company full-time?
– Will this company be there now and in the future?
– How much experience does this company have?
– Company profile, clients and etc

Creating business and making sales is all about trust and relationships. Businesspeople want to know the details who they deal with and that relationships they build are strong. And just like social connections, first impressions mean everything.

Use your own domain name email account

Having your own domain name email account is low-cost and more flexible than a free email account. For approximately USD11 (MYR40) a year, you can register and park your very own ‘.com’ domain name. At the very least, any business should have well-designed and professionally printed business cards, its own domain name with matching email address and a single web page website featuring the company’s business information.

Who are offering domain name registration with email account included? is my preferred and favourite domain name registrar and have been engaged with them since year 1999, it is a US based and the world’s largest domain name company. The reason I still stick with them because its attractive domain name or web hosting features and pricing. With its domain name package, you can get one domain name email account hosted on their side (Webmail and POP3). Unlike others, registering a domain name doesn’t come with email account hosting or need to pay additional cost. is just my suggestion, I am neither their affiliate nor partner. Links below for your comparison: domain name registration:

ICANN accredited domain name registrars:

A few of Malaysia well-known domain name registrars:
Acme Commerce:
IP Serverone:

Others Malaysia based domain name registrars:
.my Domain Registry:

Want to hear what other web specialist says? you may visit

What’s the bottom line?

Using a domain name that is related to your business may seem unimportant. But, it can easily make the difference when your customer is trying to decide if you are an option for them.

RHB Bank Chairman Administrates “”?

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Is it because RHB Bank lack of manpower so chairman needs to do the domain name administration job? Or chairman does not want to handover domain name authority to the head of IT?

One thing I found RHB Bank’s funny that their domain name “” is actually administrates by the company chairman. Below is the “” contact details in Domain Name Whois database:

You can check out the domain name "" information at

You can check out the domain name "" information at

As you can see the Administrative, Technical Contact for the domain name is If I am not misunderstood the terms of chairman, it should be the top management and chairing the board meeting. The domain name contact for a bank is usually an IT head or head of risk & compliance. Well, I guess the chairman of RHB- Dato’ Mohamed Khadar Merican, he might be very serious about the domain name hence he wants to personally manage it.

There’s another thought in my mind, RHB Bank management using ‘chairman’ to avoid changing person-in-charge name for the domain name

If RHB Bank has very high turnover rate including chief officers level such as CIO, and the domain name person-in-charge changed very often from one to another one. Then they should use the standard name for it instead of ‘chairman’.

Those standard names like:
– admin
– administrator
– domainreg
– domainadmin
– domain
– domainpic

However, not only RHB bank, many other local banks using personal name (i.e. as domain name administrative contact, it is actually not recommended. Management should indicate a proper name for it, an email like with mailbox contains only domain name registry messages and changes history.

This concept is not new. In order to keep good image for customers, many companies using nick name as the contact person name like Tiffany, Diana, Louis but definitely not Chairman.

StandChart Now Owns A Valuable Online Identity- SC.COM (“sc” stand for Standard Chartered)

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Domain name is a globally unique identity, its price can be valuable or worth of million dollars. I congratulate StandChart has chosen a good name for its website and brand’s future growth, there are at least four benefits with the newly acquired domain name:

  1. Memorable – “” is much easy to remember than “”.
  2. Logical – The domain name the same as the company name. IBM’s domain name is; Standard Chartered’s domain name is
  3. Short – Easier to convey and recall. The best domain names are those that customers can remember and type into their browsers after seeing or hearing them only once.
  4. Simplify – Reduce the number of incidents of undelivered emails triggered by misspelling “Standard Chartered” (17 characters), the new domain name “sc” (2 characters) will help StandChart be more operationally efficient.

For alignment, all StandChart’s staff have been informed by the group on 12th March 2009 to start using the new domain name “” instead of “” in their email address and also let the external contacts know the email address has been changed. However, staff still be able to receive all emails to the previous domain name “” address until 1st March 2010.

Domain name “” was previously not owned by StandChart. Below is the domain name history:

  • 1998-09-15 to 2001-05-16: Domain name registered but has no website content
  • 2001-05-17 to 2003-07-19: Owner ~ Shopper’s Central – Shop with your Conscience
  • 2003-12-19 to 2008-02-09: Owner ~ Superconnect – Fiber To the Home (FTTH) Internet services
  • 2008-02-10 onwards: Owner ~ Standard Chartered Bank

I believe StandChart has spent not less than million dollars to bought over this domain name, simply because the domain name “” already cost more than a few million dollars. Many large-size companies willing to spend money to buy over a good domain name, unfortunately those domain names are either not for sale or very expensive. How much do you think the domain name worth and will Maybank let go this domain name? You know the answer.

I used to work with Air Asia. The management has tried to buy the domain name “” which is belong to American Airlines, answer as you expected… but there’s still one way to own the domain name- buy over the American Airlines. 😀 (As Datuk Tony Fernandes always says, Believe the unbelievable, Dream the impossible and Never take no for an answer. So it could be happened when the dream come true…)

I also used to work with Genting group. The domain name “” was not owned by Genting before year 2005, it was previously owned by a scuba driving instructor from Johor Baru. There’s an island in Johor called “Genting Island”, the instructor owns this domain name for an interest purpose. Genting Group has fought for the domain name ownership in the US, unfortunately Genting Group has not win the case due to “Genting” this word is not a term name that own by anybody and also scuba driving instructor did not misused the domain name. In the year of 2005, for group’s branding and online growth, Genting Group has decided to offer a good price to the scuba driving instructor for the domain name “”. How much was the deal? I don’t know but guess not less than a million.

So, it is still not too late to secure your online identity (domain name) today for your business/personal use tomorrow, with only as low as RM38 per year.