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If you googling domain registration related search, you can find a company selling domain names as cheap as Godaddy, it is MadDogDomains, a Godaddy’s reseller.

Really Mad Dog

I am Godaddy’s reseller too and have been wondering how can this company selling domain name at the retail price $7.99, there’s no profit at all. Further more, I had work hard to pull up my Adwords ranking in Google by adjusted the bidding rate to USD3.00 PPC (Pay-per-click). Some how, MadDogDomains is always on top of mine.

Who let the Dogs out?

I have been wondering how can this ‘unprofit’ company survive and paid so much to stay on top of the bidding unless the domain name business is not only their income, until recently I check out its registrant information from Whois (Domain Names Database) then reliased that the registrant address is actaully same as Godaddy office!

Bye bye to the unfair game

By MadDogDomains’ website layout, it seem like normal Godaddy’s reseller. However, it is actually drive by Godaddy behind the scene. Anyway, I have decided not to renew my reseller account anymore, there’s no point being a Godaddy’s reseller that beating by Godaddy.