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Jalan Alor Road Sign

Renamed of Jalan Alor has become the news and topic around.

While people talking about the politics, story and famous of Jalan Alor, there’s only one sentence very catchy to my eyes- more than 900k search engine results are Jalan Alor related.

I have conducted a domain name database searched and realised there’s no one owning the domain name- Jalan Alor is so famous, why have no investors want to buy this domain name for Internet investment? Early bird catches the worm! I wait no more and registered the domain name “”.

Jalan Alor Street

However, I don’t think other investors want to buy the above domain name since the government already concluded to changed the street name to “Jalan Kejora”. But I have a different point of view, I believe the original name “Jalan Alor” will be remain, nothing special just because I visit this place very often and know the people culture here. Even the government instead to changed the street name, people there will still use the original name that have been with them for more than 30 years.

Domain Name is valuable, whether you believe it or not

Domain name is globally unique identity and available 7×365. As long as it has high volume of web site traffics (visitors), the ponential monetary opportunity is at anytime, even a small size firm has a global reach.

2008-11-01 Add on:

After a few days as on 2008-11-29, government declared to remain the original street name “Jalan Alor”. This is a good news to people in Jalan Alor, also a good news to me. Sooner or later, I believe someone will register the domain names / / etc, this is what I expecting..

Godaddy’s Deluxe Plan vs Economy Plan

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If you are ready to go for Godaddy’s web hosting, take the Deluxe Plan into your consideration if you have more than 1 domain web site want to be hosted.

With the extra $2.00 per month (Economy Plan: $4.99/month; Deluxe Plan: $6.99/month), you can host unlimited websites and get a higher bandwidth and disk space, this is most people will compare in the web hosting plan.

Of cause, if you have only 1 domain name and want 1 web site to be hosted, you do not need to go for Deluxe Plan and I will not recommend you to go for Godaddy because there are other web hosting companies out there can provide better deal, really.

‘Unlimited Websites’ (host unlimited domain names) feature is the attractive key

The attractive of Godaddy’s web hosting is Deluxe Plan/Unlimited+ Plan but not Economy Plan. Many people want to go for Godaddy because its low domain names pricing, monthly subscription available for web hosting plan and web hosting plan’s features, especially the high transfer bandwidth quota and the large web space. 150 GB is almost half of a hard disk size and 1,500 GB data transfer/month is equal to download 375 full DVD movies (1500/4 GB)!

I used to have Economy Plan but upgraded to Deluxe Plan after 2 months of hosting. With $6.99/month, I can host more than 30 web sites, why not? Honestly, I don’t think other web hosting companies can offer me this deal. If they do, I would much appreciate if you can share with me.

If you ask me about the web site loading speed, I have no comment because I am ok with the performance at this cost, even though I know the server is sharing with other 800 web sites. If you want a super fast web site like Facebook, then please consider a dedicated server hosting plan. is actually!

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If you googling domain registration related search, you can find a company selling domain names as cheap as Godaddy, it is MadDogDomains, a Godaddy’s reseller.

Really Mad Dog

I am Godaddy’s reseller too and have been wondering how can this company selling domain name at the retail price $7.99, there’s no profit at all. Further more, I had work hard to pull up my Adwords ranking in Google by adjusted the bidding rate to USD3.00 PPC (Pay-per-click). Some how, MadDogDomains is always on top of mine.

Who let the Dogs out?

I have been wondering how can this ‘unprofit’ company survive and paid so much to stay on top of the bidding unless the domain name business is not only their income, until recently I check out its registrant information from Whois (Domain Names Database) then reliased that the registrant address is actaully same as Godaddy office!

Bye bye to the unfair game

By MadDogDomains’ website layout, it seem like normal Godaddy’s reseller. However, it is actually drive by Godaddy behind the scene. Anyway, I have decided not to renew my reseller account anymore, there’s no point being a Godaddy’s reseller that beating by Godaddy.