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Defining Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) and Electronic Business (e-business)

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Some people view the term e-commerce and e-business only as describing online transactions and website. Define a company that has website and email address (Internet contact) is an e-business and company selling goods online is an e-commerce. However, the concepts of both are not that simple and its processes are beyond than that. Here I give you a brief idea of e-commerce and e-business:

Electronic commerce (e-commerce)
Electronic commerce is a process of buying, selling or exchanging products, services, and information via the computer network. The computer network not only Internet, it is included B2B network as well. From different perspective, it has different functions. For example from learning perspective, e-commerce is an enabler of online training and education in schools, universities and other organisations, including business. From commercial perspective, e-commerce provides the capability of buying and selling products, services and information on the Internet and via other online services.

Electronic business (e-business)
A ‘broader’ definition of e-commerce, which includes not just the buying and selling of goods and services, but also servicing customers, collaborating with business partners, and conducting electronic transactions within an organisation. Its simple description “other than buying and selling activities on the Internet”.