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Malaysia ISPs Banned

Date Tuesday, 28 July 2009  Posted in Category Computer Resources  Tags , , ,   Comment 2 Comments »

If you click on a link lead to web page under and see blank page, it is not server down or webpage error but the Malaysia ISPs have blocked this website.

However, you can still view it by using other DNS instead of Malaysia ISPs:

Yahoo! Babel Fish

1. Yahoo! Babel Fish ( – It is a free service

Copy and paste the urlcash’s URL (i.e. into ‘Translate a web page’ text box, then select any language to English and click on ‘Translate’ button. The advantage of using this service is user don’t need to configure or change any settings on the computer, simple and easy solution for one-time off usage.


2. OpenDNS ( – It is also a free service

Follow the instruction at this page It will takes about 5 mins to complete the setup/configuration process, however user needs to create a free OpenDNS account in order to use its service. OpenDNS is a well-known free DNS service for public, beside it’s free, one of the good alternative solution for user who needs to browse web pages @ often.

Malaysia Banking and Financial Institutions Website Research

Date Friday, 17 July 2009  Posted in Category Web Applications  Tags ,   Comment No Comments »

I just conducted a research on Malaysia’s major banking and financial institutions website, and found many bankers still can grow their online market and brand if they put in more effort into online promotions.

Banking Website Research

Malaysia Banking and Financial Institutions Website Research

50% Off on All .my Domain Names

Date Wednesday, 15 July 2009  Posted in Category Domain Name & Web Hosting  Tags   Comment No Comments »

Pormotion news to new or existing .my domain name customer:

.my domain registry (aka MYNIC) announcement 50% off on all .my domain names, included for renewal of current domain names! Promotion period from 20th July 2009 to 4th September 2009.

.my Domain Names Promotion Price List:

50% Off on All .my Domain Names

Terms and Conditions

1. Valid for all domain name categories
2. Valid for new domain name registration during promotion period
3. Valid for renewal of current domain names
– Domain names expiring on 20th July 2009 to 31st December 2009
– Only 1 year renewal is allowed during promotion period
– No advance payment allowed
4. All registrations and renewals must be done during this promotion period to qualify for the discount (20th July 2009 – 4th September 2009)
5. Payment made is non refundable, non transferable

Please click below url for further details:

In conjunction with .my domain registry’s promotion above, Exabytes and Shinjiru each have pull down the domain pricing to RM38 & RM37.50  for ‘.my’ and RM28 & RM25 for ‘’ ‘’ ‘’; ‘’ registration fee cost only RM0.99 at Exabytes.

Exabytes domain name pricing:

Shinjiru domain name pricing: