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Powerful Web Tools Made in China

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We have been using web tools developed by American for years. Well, is American the best developer in the World for web tools such as forum, blog, shopping cart, CMS, content editor?

I would said yes in 15 years ago and they are still good in technology and product quality nowadays, we can’t deny the true that any imported products stamped with ‘Made in US’ are more expensive than others.

Today, I would like to introduce 2 ‘Made In China’ web tools:

Bulletin Board System (BBS)/Internet Forum: Discuz! by Comsenz (


Discuz! is the most use BBS product in Internet, this is not my personal justification but rated by Internet users. Most Chinese forum are powered by this web application, good features and it’s free. Compare to vBulletin, Invision Power Board and PhpBB, Discuz! has more creative layout and better flexibility.

Imagine the different of style and culture between Asia (Japan, Hong Kong, China) and US comics.

Shopping Cart/ e-Shopping Mall: ECShop ( and ECMall ( by ShopEx

ECShopECMallUCenter 用户中心

EC: E-Commerce. ECShop is a web tool to build an e-commerce website, a solution for online shop. It is similar like Zen Cart, OScommerce and MagentoCommerce. I have 2 websites powered by Zen Cart and OScommerce, they are not as interactive as one of my website powered by ECShop (comments from website visitors).

ECMall is a web tool to build a virtual shopping mall which allow merchants and buyers participation. Merchants can setup their shop and promote their products; buyers can give their comment and feedback on the products or rate the merchants. The powerful of ECMall is website owner can integrate the virtual shopping mall with Comsenz’s Discuz! and UCenter (tool for all Comsenz’s products integration, U – you/user). Assuming you have a website feature eBay + forum + blog + flickr.

Bottom line

Using these 2 web tools is nothing more than easy, regardless you can read Simplified Chinese. Try it out, you will know how powerful is it.

Think Twice About Using Free Email Account Service for Your Company

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A professional company without professional email?

One of the most common mistakes in business is using a free email service such as Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, AOL or an email address such as from Internet Service Provider (ISP) instead of a business-specific domain name such as A company using free email account can send the wrong signal or negative impression to potential customers simply because the email address looks unprofessional and suspicious.

From customer perspective, they will instantly question your stability and reliability with questions such as:
– Have this company been in business very long?
– Is this company full-time?
– Will this company be there now and in the future?
– How much experience does this company have?
– Company profile, clients and etc

Creating business and making sales is all about trust and relationships. Businesspeople want to know the details who they deal with and that relationships they build are strong. And just like social connections, first impressions mean everything.

Use your own domain name email account

Having your own domain name email account is low-cost and more flexible than a free email account. For approximately USD11 (MYR40) a year, you can register and park your very own ‘.com’ domain name. At the very least, any business should have well-designed and professionally printed business cards, its own domain name with matching email address and a single web page website featuring the company’s business information.

Who are offering domain name registration with email account included? is my preferred and favourite domain name registrar and have been engaged with them since year 1999, it is a US based and the world’s largest domain name company. The reason I still stick with them because its attractive domain name or web hosting features and pricing. With its domain name package, you can get one domain name email account hosted on their side (Webmail and POP3). Unlike others, registering a domain name doesn’t come with email account hosting or need to pay additional cost. is just my suggestion, I am neither their affiliate nor partner. Links below for your comparison: domain name registration:

ICANN accredited domain name registrars:

A few of Malaysia well-known domain name registrars:
Acme Commerce:
IP Serverone:

Others Malaysia based domain name registrars:
.my Domain Registry:

Want to hear what other web specialist says? you may visit

What’s the bottom line?

Using a domain name that is related to your business may seem unimportant. But, it can easily make the difference when your customer is trying to decide if you are an option for them.

Using Generic Email Address

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Why should we avoid using a particular person email for a job role/function?

Case: Shirley is ABC company’s legal department advisor, she has used her email address for all external or internal legal issues contact. If she takes a few weeks out for vacations or personal matters, then there’s the problem of how someone else can handle the legal department emails while not delving into Shirley’s email account. What happens when Shirley retires or moves to somewhere? Now the company will have to change that email address and inform all the contacts.

Use generic email address

A generic email address such as is one which reflects a job role / function, unit or department rather than a particular person, it has several advantages:

– It provides a single, consistent point of contact
– It does not change when personnel changes
– Contact in published matter will not go out-of-date
– Respective personnel email address is not exposed, collection by email address crawlers is reduced.
– Generic email account can be managed by more than one person.
– Call tracker or project account will be remain unchanged when staff changes, email history can provides job references.
– Outsider wouldn’t know the internal changes.

Naming the generic email address aliases

The generic email address aliases (helpdesk@, support@) need to be job role / function specific. For example HR department’s generic email is, recruitment department’s generic email is and customer services department’s generic email address is

You can access generic and personal mailbox concurrently with MS Outlook

You can access generic and personal mailbox concurrently with MS Outlook