Bypass ScanSafe Web Filter for Download is Possible

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If is being blocked by ScanSafe web filter, you can actually bypassing it as long as you have the final link (actual file URL). file query URL:*********

The final link (actual file URL):
http://www**[file server]****[temporary permission code]**/filename

The [file server] is where the Megaupload stores files and each file server has an IP address. ScanSafe blocks website by hostname (domain name ie. but not the IP address, so you can resolved the file server name (ie. by using the free online Host/Domain Name Convertor tool ( or to get the actual server IP address (ie. ->

The [temporary permission code] is the code that granted by for download (few hours session).

To start download, you just need to change the file server name into IP address. For example:

However, you must have the final link (actual file URL) to work with this method.

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