Exabytes EBiz Gold Unlimited Hosting Plan

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Exabytes Merdeka Promo - Exabytes EBiz Gold Unlimited hosting plan

Exabytes Merdeka Promotion - EBiz Gold Unlimited hosting plan

Think twice before subscribe the Exabytes EBiz Gold Unlimited hosting plan

Wow, Exabytes’ EBiz Plus Unlimited hosting account at promotion price RM5XX (normal price RM798), sound good!

Well, do you really need unlimited features and are you able to commit RM798 for the subsequence years? (as you know promotion price is a one-time discount, next hosting renewal price will be the original price before discount).

I like unlimited plan too. By the way, what can I do to an unlimited hosting account where it has very strict T&C? Honestly, with my current Exabytes’ hosting account (EBiz Plus Linux normal price RM269) limits-

  • 10000MB/10GB Disk Space Usage
  • 50000MB/50GB Monthly Bandwidth Transfer
  • 10 Addon Domains

I can’t even used up to 50% resources of disk space and bandwidth transfer on 8 hosted domain names websites.

So is it necessary need an unlimited hosting account? It depends on your website’s need. Please ensure your new website plan will not against Exabytes’ legal policies. Exabytes is not stupid, they offering such unlimited hosting accounts of cause they are prepared and ready.

Consider other hosting packages offered by Exabytes

If you really like them, yes the Exabytes. Please try out their cheapest package first (EBiz Plus Web Hosting), you will find it actually sufficient for your requirement. Anyway you can upgrade to unlimited plan anytime.

Other unlimited hosting plan providers

I have an unlimited hosting account (‘Baby’ package) with Hostgater.com and I paid USD214.80/RM800 for 2 years in advanced. Yes, it is the same as what Exabytes offering, but it has more tolerance legal policies and at cheaper price (Exabytes RM798 for 1 year vs Hostgater RM800 for 2 years). With its ‘not-so-tied’ legal policies or at least not bond to Malaysia laws such as Islamic and politic related materials, it give me more flexibility and ‘globalised’ not ‘localised’ on hosting conditions.

I would not said Hostgator.com is the best, but so far I can’t find any cheaper and better review on unlimited hosting accounts from the Internet; Godaddy.com is good but its unlimited plan is more expensive (USD323.76/RM1,200 for 2 years) than Hostgator.com even though it is my favourite.

If you know some, kindly share with me.

Bottom line

Unlimited hosting plan sounds attractive but remember you will have heavier commitment and tons of work to do when transferring/downgrading the account.

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