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Let’s put izzi and P1 Wimax aside, because I need a wireless broadband service that covers beyond the Klang Valley area. So I have only 2 options- MAXIS or CELCOM.

I have been using CELCOM Broadband @ 384 kbps for nearly 2 years since July 2007. Although I am not satisfied with its speed of service (usually maximum at 20kbps) but at least it still able to let me send and receive email or browse Internet in the major cities like PJ, Subang, Genting, Penang, Ipoh, Malacca, Johor Baru and Cherating (Kuantan Pahang).

Why CELCOM Wireless Broadband?

I am now getting an additional wireless broadband service for my family member and I have decided to subscribe the same service- CELCOM Wireless Broadband 384kbps @ RM68/month package (without USB modem stick, with Vodafone USB modem stick is RM89/month), here is why:

  1. Price: MAXIS wireless broadband’s subscription fee is more expensive than CELCOM
    MAXIS: RM118/month (with Maxis postpaid, otherwise RM138) <> CELCOM: RM68/month
  2. Coverage
    I had tested CELCOM’s wireless broadband coverage at the areas that my family members will usually go to. And it works fine.
  3. CELCOM-Vodafone USB stick modem is smaller and more convenient
    Simply because it is more advance and easy to use, CELCOM’s USB stick SIM card is replaceable, while MAXIS USB modem is not.
  4. Return of USB Modem to MAXIS
    Did you know, MAXIS wireless broadband service subscribers need to return the USB modem when they unsubscribe from its service? Subscribers are actually renting the device from MAXIS.
  5. Too many complaints about MAXIS wireless broadband service
    If you google MAXIS wireless broadband, you will find a lot of negative comments about its service. Comments from other users may give you the true customers’ feedback.
  6. Network Congestion
    There are too many MAXIS wireless broadband users. I would rather to pick a wireless network that “still not yet” overloaded.

However, the pricing, coverage and speed of service are the main concerns that one should consider most.

For information on CELCOM and MAXIS USB Modem, you may visit their website:
CELCOM-Vodafone USB stick:
MAXIS wireless broadband USB modem:

Updated 2009-09-22: Newer post ‘Latest MAXIS Wirelss Broadband Package’s Disadvantages‘ give you more information on the latest Maxis wireless broadband plan.

CELCOM Vodafone USB Stick

CELCOM Vodafone USB Stick



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  1. nasa says:

    i need to help coz my samsung galaxy tab cannot connect to internet when i use celcom broadband postpaid..pls help tq

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