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Why should we avoid using a particular person email for a job role/function?

Case: Shirley is ABC company’s legal department advisor, she has used her email address for all external or internal legal issues contact. If she takes a few weeks out for vacations or personal matters, then there’s the problem of how someone else can handle the legal department emails while not delving into Shirley’s email account. What happens when Shirley retires or moves to somewhere? Now the company will have to change that email address and inform all the contacts.

Use generic email address

A generic email address such as is one which reflects a job role / function, unit or department rather than a particular person, it has several advantages:

– It provides a single, consistent point of contact
– It does not change when personnel changes
– Contact in published matter will not go out-of-date
– Respective personnel email address is not exposed, collection by email address crawlers is reduced.
– Generic email account can be managed by more than one person.
– Call tracker or project account will be remain unchanged when staff changes, email history can provides job references.
– Outsider wouldn’t know the internal changes.

Naming the generic email address aliases

The generic email address aliases (helpdesk@, support@) need to be job role / function specific. For example HR department’s generic email is, recruitment department’s generic email is and customer services department’s generic email address is

You can access generic and personal mailbox concurrently with MS Outlook

You can access generic and personal mailbox concurrently with MS Outlook


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