I Wish Everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year + 12 Months Bonus!

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Finally, the objective of staffing E-business CoE with 23 headcounts has been completed and the employee’s 2010 annual review is done! Hopefully don’t need to work until mid-night again. My new year’s resolution – live life balance!

Kennymy-MerryChristmasEmployee’s job objective performance and competencies scoring calibration process will be the challenging task in Jan – I believe everyone looking forward to receive greater bonus and higher increment. However, bell curve method will be used for employee performance management. Under this rule, management will forcefully by classifying an employee as outstanding or unsatisfactory. Therefore, the challenge is to classify ‘unsatisfactory’ / ‘marginal’ / ‘below expectation’ employee(s).

Another important task in Jan: the departmental objective, finance, budgeting, staffing, schedule, projects and plans for 2011. All items need to be finalized with the counter part and the employee’s job objectives need to be set in Jan.

I have an excuse- can my new year’s resolution with effective from Feb instead of Jan? Oops, Japan project deployment will kick start in Feb, can my new year’s resolution effective from March…?

Nonetheless, Christmas is just around the corner, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year + 12 months bonus! Yeah!! 🙂

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