Why Customer Experience is Important?

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Customers/clients/consumers today don’t tolerate slipups of any kind- on quality, on availability, on anything. Perfect execution is now the price of entry. They expect more from us- and more from our products/services.

Whether we like it or not, the real growth of our business is a direct result of the quality of the experience customers have with us.  It doesn’t matter if we are in retailing, consumer products/services, business services, high-tech and industrial products.  The quality of the customer’s experience translates directly into our ability to acquire and retain customers as well as improve their profitability over time.

Some companies understand these benefits and are already using the customer experience as a differentiator.  They include many of the well known “customer experience leaders” like Amazon, REI, Disney, Amway, United Airline, IBM and DELL.

Customer Experience delivers long-tail benefit- loyalty:

– Willingness to purchase more products or services
– Likelihood to recommend the company to a friend or colleague
– Reluctance to switch business away from the company

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Representation of the Customer Experience Cycle

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