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Why Netherlands’ Web Hosting?

Date Thursday, 5 February 2009  Posted in Category Domain Name & Web Hosting, General  Tags , ,   Comment No Comments »

If you have experience or have some knowledge in web hosting industry, you might heard about hosting the website or web server in Europe.

Some companies hosted their dedicated server in Europe, mostly in Netherlands- a founding member of the European Union. Netherlands is known as a very tolerant country, laws that might restrict affect your website in other countries may not apply if your site is hosted from the Netherlands, because Netherlands has liberal Internet laws and privacy policies.

In addition, the Netherlands’ capital- Amsterdam is a city with multiple web hosting companies, as well as a secure electricity supply and good Internet connectivity. Good deal of web hosting packages are available because of competitive market.

You might wonder who would wants to host the website in Netherlands, website in these categories will do:
– Gambling (online casino)
– Adult content (Pornography)
– Illegal activities (in other countries) such as foot ball betting
– Software (cracked software, hacker website)
– Web hosting (storage, web space)
– Forum/Community (government’s opposition or website banned by the government)

The state above is based on my personal experience and research, not all website hosted in Netherlands are fall in those categories. To know a website is whether hosted in Netherlands, we can check the Host Name Whois database or lookup the IP address.

Do you know some web hosting companies have expended its web hosting facilities to the Netherlands? Because there’s a market demand such as adult content hosting. Although Malaysia laws restricted Web hosting companies within the country offers adult content hosting service, but in the new era of globalisation, Malaysians are still able to host ‘anything’ outside the country. Those can supply the demand, will have the opportunities to share the rest of the cake.

P/S: If you are looking for web hosting companies/providers from the Netherlands, there is a popular hosting forum in Netherlands – Most of the Dutch web hosts are there. You can also search in on keywords that would bring the result you need.

Exabytes vs Shinjiru

Date Tuesday, 11 November 2008  Posted in Category Domain Name & Web Hosting  Tags , , , , , , , , , ,   Comment 11 Comments »

I have conducted a few tests between Exabytes ( and Shinjiru ( Web hosting. Results turned out Exabytes’ web hosting speed is slightly faster than Shinjiru by about 20% to 25%.

Method of test:

  1. I subscribed 2 shared hosting accounts- one with Exabytes and another one with Shinjiru.
  2. Both website with the same content running on PHP connect to MySQL.
  3. Tests conducted from 1st to 31st October 2008, each day have 2 tests at anytime from 11am to 6pm (working hours) and 9pm to 12am (non-working hours), Malaysia time.
  4. I used a computer with Intel Processor 1.20 GHz and 1024MB RAM and connected to Internet using leased line by TMnet, 3G Mobile Connect by Celcom, Dial-up by Jaring and Streamyx by TMnet.
  5. Run 2 website – to test out the script execution and response time.
  6. Upload files to website by FTP – to test out the uploading speed.
  7. Download files from website – to test out the downloading speed.

However, the tests above were conducted in KL Malaysia, it can’t justified the speed performance from overseas access.

More to considered beside the loading speed

Selecting a web hosting service can’t just based on loading speed evaluation, I believe most of us want a good service and lowest price hosting plan too. I can’t say Exabytes and Shinjiru are the best in Malaysia but so far with my experience with a few of web hosting companies like Emerge, Exabytes, Shinjiru, Webserver (ACME), e-Globalhosting and HileyTech, Exabytes and Shinjiru’s web hosting packages are considered the most competitive among all. Beside that, IPserverone is catching up as well.

Why Shinjiru?

In fact, I personally preferred Shinjiru. They offer the cheapest domain names registration either TLD or ccTLD (country code top-level domain ie. and very affordable web hosting plans in Malaysia.  Furthermore, their web hosting overall rating is compatible with Exabytes or Emerge and this company is well established since 1998. However, 2 things I believe they should improve- customer service response time (email enquiries) and technical issues solving duration time.

If you have only one domain name want to be hosted and especially if you are new to web hosting, I advice you go to Shinjiru’s Mini Pack (RM99/year as on 2008-11-11) while Exabytes’ cheapest package is far ahead from this price (RM269/year as on 2008-11-11).

Why Exabytes?

To me, the attractive point of Exabytes is their web hosting speed and customer service response time. As for their Web hosting plan, it is not as attractive as Shinjiru’s Disk Space and Monthly Data Transfer rate (Exabytes is serious in server and data transfer utility, in order to provide best server performance to all hosted accounts, they offer strict and low usage hosting condition.)

If you are looking for an optimised server environment and ‘slightly’ faster web hosting, Exabytes might be your choice. However, it depends on your luck too, as you know shared hosting accounts is hosted on a sharing server, so hope that you do not have busy neighbours (You can checkout who is your domain name neighbours at, entered your domain name at the search field)

I am currently hosted this website ( with Exabytes’ Linux EBiz Plus hosting plan. The reason is simple, I have 8 add-on domains (website) want to be hosted; I need faster speed; and my total website data transfer rate still below the allocated 50GB.


  1. Switching the web hosting service is troublesome when you have already configured and running website, tasks like backup/restore database, web applications re-configuration and testing will give you a tons of work to do when you switching the web hosting service. Hence, selecting a right web hosting service can avoid all these.
    I am in considering of Shinjiru’s Shared Hosting Business Plan, because I need a larger disk space and data transfer rate. But there’s more to do- I have to transfer all 8 website of mine and re-configure all the applications.
  2. You can register the domain name with Shinjiru and hosted the website with Exabytes. Take the best deal from two side (Exabytes’ domain name registration fee is more expensive than Shinjiru.)
  3. If you are looking for a package that covered the domain name and web hosting, you may consider Shinjiru. Their Shared hosting Standard Plan is come with a free domain registration. (RM190/year as on 2008-11-11)

Both Exabytes and Shinjiru are good at different area, selecting anyone of them is depend on your budget and need.

Godaddy Economy Plan Hosting Gone Up to USD4.99

Date Monday, 27 October 2008  Posted in Category Domain Name & Web Hosting  Tags , , , , , ,   Comment No Comments » My favourite domain registrar and web hosting provider has raised their Economy Plan hosting fee from USD3.99/month to USD4.99/month effective October 2008. This rise made me consider whether should I look for alternative web hosting providers to sustain my business revenue. has adjusted their Economy Plan hosting fee in yearly basis for the past 3 years, the fee changed from 2006 to 2008 as USD3.19/month, USD3.99/month and USD4.99/month. It has raised at least 55% compare the fee of 2006, eventually it creased my cost on the web hosting. I have many web hosting accounts with, here “I” means my business clients. Our website hosted on servers for years and so far we are satisfy with its service.

With this raised, I conducted a change impact and conditions & cost study, summarised that there will be a hassle changed if we switch the web hosting provider. The changed will affect many operations processes and new environment might not able to deliver the same result, to ensure my client’s website operations and best results, I have decided to stay with

By the way, a web hosting fee adjustment to my clients might need to be conducted, but not in this year.